My name is Chris Henderson. I am an assistant teaching professor in sport media and communication at the University of Rhode Island.

My research focuses on the critical study of sport communities with a particular emphasis on embodied performative practice, cultural geography and grassroots activism. I study how people with limited access to institutionalized power perform sport and sport fandom in order to communicate, form community, claim space and take part in activism. 

I have taught classes on the cultural study of sport, sport history, sport and gender, sport and race and sport media. I emphasize community and experiential learning in the classroom.

Prior to working in higher education, I worked as a writer, photographer and site-specific public artist based in New York City collaborating on programs that negotiated and contested the borders between art, society, and politics. Work included interactive performative screenings, the formation of site-specific residency for visual and performing artists in the basement of a former hospital and long-form journalism on soccer.

Please get in touch.

Academic profile: University of Rhode Island

Twitter: @cwritefootball

Email: cwhenderson@uri.edu


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